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Was death of individual in ICE custody police brutality?

When an individual dies while in the custody of law enforcement agencies, there are certain protocols that must be followed, including the release of pertinent information on a timely basis. Though there may be serious health problems that caused an individual's demise, there are countless occasions when police brutality was ruled a contributing factor in an untimely death. Arizona residents who have lost a loved one due to the abuse of power do have recourse for seeking justice.

Family seeks answers after alleged police brutality causes death

Police in Arizona and elsewhere are charged with the duty of protecting and serving the public. In some circumstances, officers must apply significant force in order to bring a volatile situation under control; however, unless the person presents a significant threat there is seldom the need to use deadly force. Sadly, there have been many recent incidents when alleged police brutality resulted in death

Some victims may fear reporting some types of police brutality

A recent report was published that addressed a serious problem within some police departments. While many incidents of police brutality do make the evening news, there is one type of abuse of power that may go unreported by victims. It is likely that there are Arizona residents who have suffered abuse by those sworn to protect them but are hesitant to report the crime.

Investigation into inmate's possible police brutality death

Those who have been accused of committing a misdemeanor or other minor infraction are entitled to humane treatment, regardless of the situation. Unfortunately, there have been many stories of authority overreach that may fit the definition of police brutality. Arizona residents who believe that they have been a victim of this type of behavior are entitled to seek justice.

Former police chief calls for reforms to end police brutality

Four years ago, the questionable shooting death of an unarmed African-American set off a fire storm of protests that caught the attention of the entire nation. Since that infamous event, there have been multiple reports of similar incidents that have led to increased distrust of police departments across the country. This is not an isolated problem, as there have been reports of Arizona residents also suffering harm as a result of alleged police brutality.

Officer facing charges after alleged 2014 police brutality case

Over the past several years, there has been an increase in reports of police abusing their authority through excessive force -- often with deadly consequences. Most Arizona residents are familiar with many of these incidents, especially the ones that have garnered national attention. Recently, it was announced that an officer who was involved in a case of alleged police brutality four years ago will now face departmental charges for his role.  

Man wants changes to Arizona policies after police brutality

Over the past several years, there has been increased reports of police engaging in abuse of power and overreach in their authority. There have been several reports of police brutality that have resulted in victims suffering serious injuries and even dying from these incidents. Recently, another report concerning this issue resulted in five Arizona police officers being placed on suspension.

Former NFL Player, Desmond Marrow, alleges police brutality

In the past few years, there have been numerous reports regarding violent confrontations between law enforcement officials and African-American males who were alleged to have resisted arrest. Many of these incidents have been captured on video cameras and have shown officers engaging in questionable behavior and, in some instances, outright police brutality. When public officials overstep the lines of authority, Arizona victims may be unsure how to seek justice for the damages they have suffered.

Calls for resignations after possible police brutality death

Admittedly, when one is found guilty of a crime and sentenced to serve time in jail, he or she understands that the accommodations may be much less comfortable than before. However, everyone deserves humane treatment and access to health care -- be it for physical or mental health ailments. If an Arizona inmate is denied proper care and he or she later suffers greater harm, this ill treatment or denial of care may qualify as a form of police brutality.

Alleged police brutality incident draws interest from the FBI

Last summer, a man was stopped by a police officer for trespassing and jaywalking. The incident quickly escalated, and many point to it as yet another example of police brutality. Though the majority of encounters between Arizona residents and law enforcement are resolved peacefully, there have been many complaints that police officers overstep and cause greater harm to those they are sworn to protect.

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