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Phoenix auto accidents can affect anyone regardless of occupation

Whenever there is an emergency of any type in the Phoenix area, the image of first responders may come to mind, as they are the ones tasked with keeping others safe. Unfortunately, no job title can protect even these heroes from becoming victims of tragedies such as auto accidents. Recently, police held a fundraiser to help provide for one of their own.

There are many causes for Arizona auto accidents including chases

The news media frequently report on wrecks that have occurred due to a high-speed police pursuit. However, even when law enforcement have abandoned their chase, fleeing drivers may still cause serious auto accidents. One recent incident has led to a serious crash in Arizona that injured several people.

Auto accidents often cause more than physical and emotional pain

The more time one spends on the road increases the odds of being involved in a serious crash. Even age and experience cannot protect Arizona residents from the tragedies wrought by unexpected auto accidents. One recent wreck claimed the life of one woman and injured three other people.

Man faces charges after causing death, injury in auto accidents

The decision to ingest intoxicating substances and then get behind the wheel of an automobile can have life-changing consequences. When that decision causes others to suffer harm from resulting auto accidents, then the lives of innocent families are also negatively impacted forever. Two families in Arizona are now experiencing this pain firsthand.

Been in a car accident? Get legal help

Let's say you've had a long day at work, and you just want to get home to relax. You get in your car, put on your seat belt, and drive out of your office's parking lot. You merge onto the highway and get ready to cruise home. But shortly after you get on the highway, you notice a car next to you with a driver that is looking down at their lap. A ghostly glow illuminates the front seat, and you know immediately -- they are looking at their cell phone.

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