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Chain reaction auto accidents result in 1 death; 2 face charges

Many drivers will often choose to travel Arizona freeways in the early morning hours for the reason that traffic is often less congested at that time. Unfortunately, this is also the time of night when visibility is reduced, and many drivers may attempt to return home after an evening on the town. These factors often play a significant role in causing serious auto accidents.

Arizona reports increase in auto accidents as well as fatalities

Overall, 2017 was a dangerous year in Arizona for motorists and pedestrians alike. A new report detailed the number of auto accidents and fatal incidents involving both car crashes and pedestrian accidents. Officials state that the vast majority of crashes are the result of driver errors.

Families left devastated, seeking answers after auto accidents

Far too frequently in the aftermath of an unexpected tragedy, the survivors lament the shortness of life. Though nothing can ever prepare families for the loss of loved ones, the days and weeks that follow fatal auto accidents often leave them bereft and seeking answers as to the reasons behind the tragic events. Recently, two Arizona families were left to mourn their loved ones and wait for the person responsible to be located.

Phoenix police searching for drivers in pedestrian auto accidents

According to a study conducted by the Governor's Highway Safety Association, Arizona has the worst safety record regarding fatalities for pedestrians based on population figures. Recently, police were called to the scenes of two more serious incidents in connection with these types of auto accidents. The most recent one sent two victims to area hospitals.

Arizona auto accidents: Elderly woman in wheelchair killed

Those who have limited mobility often do not let those disabilities prevent them from trying to live as normally as possible. Due to advances in design and technology, even those in wheelchairs can still navigate around Arizona towns and cities. Sadly, this also makes them more susceptible to tragedies such as auto accidents. Recently, a 78-year-old woman confined to a wheelchair lost her life in a car accident in Tempe.

New law allows for felony charges in certain auto accidents

Most motorists traveling in Arizona are aware of the dangers of distracted or impaired driving. Unfortunately, this knowledge does not always result in every driver exercising due diligence every time he or she gets behind the wheel. Recently, Governor Ducey signed a law that may reduce some types of auto accidents.

Arizona auto accidents leave families changed forever

Without warning, lives can change forever, often due to circumstances beyond one's control. Countless families who have been devastated when unexpected tragedies such as auto accidents occur in spite of the precautions taken. One recent collision in Arizona has left surviving family members grieving the loss of three loved ones.

Self-driving cars had only minor auto accidents until fatal crash

There has been much hype over the idea that an autonomous driving vehicle could make the roadways safer for fellow motorists. The motivation behind this technology is that human error causes the majority of auto accidents. Sadly, a recent fatal collision in Arizona points to the fact that no technology is fool-proof.

Automation could prevent some auto accidents if used correctly

There is much speculation concerning automated vehicles that do not require much input from a human driver. However, while it may be some time before the majority of traffic is composed of these types of vehicles, some of the automated features on current models may prevent some auto accidents -- if applied as intended. Arizona residents who reside in high-traffic areas may welcome the assistance these features provide.

Arizona auto accidents can change families' lives in an instant

It is likely that few people stop to consider that simply getting in the family car can be a life-altering decision. Sadly, for too many Arizona families, serious auto accidents can change their lives forever. One recent wreck stole the life of a 9-year-old child.

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