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Calls for resignations after possible police brutality death

Admittedly, when one is found guilty of a crime and sentenced to serve time in jail, he or she understands that the accommodations may be much less comfortable than before. However, everyone deserves humane treatment and access to health care -- be it for physical or mental health ailments. If an Arizona inmate is denied proper care and he or she later suffers greater harm, this ill treatment or denial of care may qualify as a form of police brutality.

Alleged police brutality incident draws interest from the FBI

Last summer, a man was stopped by a police officer for trespassing and jaywalking. The incident quickly escalated, and many point to it as yet another example of police brutality. Though the majority of encounters between Arizona residents and law enforcement are resolved peacefully, there have been many complaints that police officers overstep and cause greater harm to those they are sworn to protect.

Man settles suit related to police brutality over false arrest

In the vast majority of cases, police and other law enforcement officials make every effort to both uphold the law and protect the rights of residents. Unfortunately, there have been disturbing circumstances concerning police brutality and other forms of overreach. Recently, an Arizona resident settled his case over a false arrest.

Man requests that his case over police brutality be kept private

Police officers perform a critical service for the well-being of the citizens whom they serve. Unfortunately, there have been situations when officers have allegedly overstepped their authority and engaged in actions that can be considered police brutality. When Arizona residents believe that officers have overstepped their powers and subjected them to abusive actions, they are entitled to seek a remedy for the damages that they sustained.

Several officers face separate allegations of police brutality

Every day countless Arizona residents benefit from the services provided by public servants. Unfortunately, there are instances that arise when some officers are accused of engaging in police brutality and other wrongful actions. Recently, there were reports that several officers in another state are facing these types of allegations in separate incidents.

Man files suit for alleged police brutality over fender bender

Being involved in a minor fender bender happens to almost every driver at one time or another. While it can be a hassle trying to clear it up, in most cases it will not result in an incident of alleged police brutality. Unfortunately, situations can escalate under the wrong conditions and an Arizona resident could potentially find him or herself in a frightening situation.

Man files suit alleging police brutality caused lasting harm

In the majority of cases, those who are bound to enforce the laws and protect their city's residents fulfill their duties with respect and honorable intentions. However, there are circumstances when officers allegedly abuse their rights, and Arizona residents can become victims of police brutality. There have been several recent incidents in various states that have resulted in serious injuries.

Officer arrested after allegations of police brutality

The majority of police officers are honorable men and women who are willing to place themselves in harm's way to protect the public they serve. However, there have been several recent allegations of officers engaging in acts of excessive force. Any Arizona resident who believes he or she has been a victim of police brutality is entitled to seek justice.

Mother who lost son to police brutality wants to help others

As a child, young people are taught to respect those in authority. While the vast majority of law enforcement are upright and honorable public servants who are worthy of that respect, there have been several recent instances when alleged police brutality has escalated beyond the use of responsible force. Arizona residents are likely aware of one infamous case that made headlines nationwide.

Police brutality can leave both physical and emotional scars

Police officers provide a valuable service to the communities in which they serve. However, there are instances when these public servants have crossed the line, and their actions have lead to allegations of police brutality. Unfortunately, these instances can occur at any time, and there are likely Arizona residents who have suffered from these egregious abuses of power.

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