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Fear of auto accidents raised after proposed regulation changes

Regulation has always been a hot topic in the world of autonomous vehicles. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently released a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, citing its intention to rewrite regulations in order to account for passenger-carrying autonomous vehicles without passenger controls, as well as self-driving cars designed for no passengers. Individuals in Arizona and throughout the United States have some concerns about the risk of auto accidents with these vehicles, but changes to the wording of regulations may help regulators explore these challenges within the confines of pre-existing documentation.

How is fault assigned in auto accidents?

When a collision occurs, determining who is at fault is often one of the most important determinations. This determination is so important because it clarifies who is liable for the accident. Liability plays a role in the outcome of auto accidents, particularly with regard to insurance and charges. Here are some things Arizona drivers should know about how fault is assigned.

Study: Later school start times could reduce auto accidents

Driving while tired and inexperienced individuals behind the wheel are both often cited as causes of collisions. This inspired some U.S. researchers to ask the question: Do early class start times increase the risk of auto accidents involving teens? The results of the study may have an important takeaway for teen drivers and their parents in Arizona and across the country.

DOT aims to prevent auto accidents by clarifying safety features

When shopping for a car, many people consider the safety features inside. Having the right safety features can prevent or reduce the risk of serious injury in auto accidents, but it can sometimes be difficult for Arizona drivers to compare safety add-ons between vehicle brands. The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) has now released a list of standardized names, sending a signal to automakers that they are advocating for consumer-friendly terms.

Family seriously injured in motor vehicle accident

Car crashes are never welcome events, but some of them can be particularly devastating. One Arizona family is dealing with just such a tragedy after a father, mother and their 5-year-old daughter were hurt in a recent collision. Healing from the serious injuries the family suffered after the motor vehicle accident will take time and so will the police investigation into exactly what happened. 

Motor vehicle accident in Phoenix proves fatal

When a car crash happens, it is almost never a positive event. Those that result in the loss of life are particularly troubling. They can often leave both a family and law enforcement with more questions than answers. A motor vehicle accident here in Arizona that resulted in the death of one woman may have done just that as investigators work to find out exactly why the collision occurred.

Seat belt safety tips: Don't forget to follow these

There are a variety of safety steps you must take before hitting the road, with putting on your seat belt among the most important. If you neglect to do this, there's a much greater chance of serious injury in the event of an accident.

Busy roads may mean more auto accidents during the holidays

The holiday season has arrived, which means Arizona drivers will be sharing the roads with more people than at other times of the year. When the roads are busier, it naturally increases the chances for auto accidents, and a bad driver, increases those chances even more. Drivers may benefit by focusing on how to share the roads safely with others during the holiday season.

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