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Preventing commercial vehicle accidents in the hands of drivers

According to data presented at the annual Transportation Research Board gathering for 2019, the numbers of fatal crashes involving tractor-trailers has continued to climb. This includes commercial vehicle accidents that resulted in the deaths of other victims, not just the tractor's occupants. While the number of fatalities was not broken down by state, there have been numerous Arizona travelers who have been victims of these horrific crashes.

NTSB urges changes to prevent some commercial vehicle accidents

By 2022, the automotive industry has promised that all new vehicles will be equipped with front crash avoidance and automatic braking technology. Unfortunately, the trucking industry has not made a similar vow to include potentially life saving technology. The numbers of commercial vehicle accidents has continued to rise across the nation, including in Arizona.

Commercial vehicle accidents often take greater human toll

The vast majority of consumers depend on the services provided by commercial transportation companies. Without tractor-trailers, many goods would not reach their intended destinations -- thereby severely crippling the nation's economy. Unfortunately, due to their large size and weight, these vehicles pose a greater risk to fellow motorists whenever a serious collision occurs. Arizona travelers who have been personally impacted by commercial vehicle accidents are intimately familiar with the devastation they can cause.

Commercial vehicle accidents often fault of inattentive drivers

Sharing Arizona roads with the endless variety of commercial vehicles can make for challenging driving under the best of circumstances. When the drivers responsible for operating these types of automobiles are not attentive to their tasks, the resulting commercial vehicle accidents can cause permanent injury or death. In a case that has attracted attention to the issue of self-driving cars, police are now recommending that an Uber driver face criminal charges.

Commercial vehicle accidents take a heavy toll on lives; finances

Those who drive for a living are aware of the dangers that large vehicles can present to other motorists. As a result, the majority of these professionals take precautions to ensure that they do not wind up causing commercial vehicle accidents that can cause serious or fatal injuries. Arizona officials are still conducting an investigation into one such wreck that stole the lives of two teenagers.

Commercial vehicle accidents often take a tragic toll on families

The vast majority of parents who transport their children to school or other routine destinations usually arrive without any complications beyond traffic backups. Unfortunately, as the early-morning commute commences, there is often an increase in the amount of work-related traffic, which can lead to serious commercial vehicle accidents. One recent wreck has left an Arizona family devastated.

Internet of Things may prevent some commercial vehicle accidents

Telematics is the word that was created to describe the use of technology over a reliable platform to monitor and transmit information over long distances. New advances in telematics may soon be used to prevent some commercial vehicle accidents. However, until all companies require this tool to be utilized, Arizona residents may still endure the tragedies that are often caused by these devastating crashes.

City residents march against spate of police brutality incidents

Recently, a jury decided in a case that a police officer was not guilty of any crime in the shooting death of a man during a traffic stop. The residents of the area were outraged over this incident of alleged police brutality. Citizens in many states, including Arizona, have expressed trepidation over summoning police in many situations for fear that officers will not respond according to expectations and written guidelines.

Why do truck accidents happen?

Truck accidents can be devastating for the injured victims. Because of the huge size and weight disparity between a fully loaded big rig and the average passenger vehicle, injuries from these crashes tend to be serious, resulting in a long, painful recovery and massive medical bills. While waiting for your injuries to heal, you, for better or for worse, have an abundant amount of time to think.

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