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Recalls over safety may be basis for auto product liability claim

There have been several recent recalls to fix potentially serious issues relating to the safe operation of various makes and models of automobiles. When Arizona residents purchase a particular make or model of vehicle, they often do so on the basis of reliability, value and safety. If a vehicle fails to meet the safety obligations based on a defective or faulty part, a customer may have a valid reason to file an auto product liability claim.

Automakers woes could result in auto product liability claims

The decision over which vehicle to purchase is a personal one that is often guided by price, reputation and safety ratings. Unfortunately, any auto maker can produce a model that fails to meet expectations and can lead to consumers suffering serious injuries or significant property losses in the event that a vehicle proves to be defective. Arizona residents who have sustained damages or received injuries due to a defective car may have a basis for filing an auto product liability claim.

Owners of Toyotas may have basis for auto product liability claim

One of the market leaders in foreign auto manufacturers has been Toyota, which enjoyed a reputation for providing reliability for owners for years. Unfortunately, certain models of its hybrid line have been the subject of multiple recalls to fix a critical issue. Arizona residents who have suffered injuries or sustained significant property damages due to a defective automobile may have a basis for filing an auto product liability claim.  

Ford recall may be attempt to avoid auto product liability claims

Outside of buying a home, one of the largest repeat purchases consumers make is for their vehicles. Those who are in the market for a new vehicle are often influenced by the reputation of a manufacturer's makes and models that tout safety and reliability. Arizona residents who have suffered a serious injury or significant property losses may have a basis for filing an auto product liability civil suit.

Will lack of oversight lead to more auto product liability cases?

Arizona residents who have purchased a new or used vehicle tend to have confidence that any safety-related issues have already been addressed. Since its inception, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has been charged with overseeing the nation's automobile companies in order to protect the safety of motorists. Recently, the agency oversaw two of the biggest recalls of potentially dangerous vehicles, which also lead to victims successfully filing auto product liability claims to recoup their damages.

Car owners warned of potentially dangerous auto product liability

One of the most expensive purchases Arizona consumers make is buying an automobile. Indeed, the typical owner will repeat the process at least a few times during his or her lifetime, making this decision one of the more important ones in regards to safety and reliability. Recently, Fiat Chrysler Automotive issued a recall concerning a potentially dangerous auto product liability issue.

Passengers in cabs at risk from potential auto product liability?

When Arizona residents summon a taxi or set up a ride through an online app, they likely are focused on arriving at their destination on time. The idea that taking such transportation could result in a serious injury probably never enters into a customer's decision-making. Unfortunately, it has come to light that countless customers face dangers posed by a possible defect that could make an auto product liability claim necessary.

A program could reduce the need for auto product liability claims

An automobile is one of the most expensive purchases that many Arizona residents will make. For that reason, owners spend hours researching the safety and reliability of the models they are most interested in purchasing. Unfortunately, an unforeseen mechanical failure could lead to serious injuries and property damages that may require filing an auto product liability claim in an effort to recoup one's losses.

Ford rangers could be subject of auto product liability suit

Other than the purchase of a home, buying an automobile is not a decision Arizona residents take lightly. Whether the purchase involves a new or used vehicle, two of the primary considerations are reliability and safety. Customers who have been injured or sustained significant monetary damages due to a faulty or unsafe vehicle may seek redress for those losses through an auto product liability civil suit.

Ford may face expanded claims for auto product liability

In 2016, Ford Motor Company issued a recall over problems with its electronically controlled automatic transmissions in certain models. There had been reports of accidents that were caused by malfunctions with this particular part. There may be Arizona residents who have sustained substantial monetary losses along with injuries from these types defective parts, which could support the filing of a valid auto product liability claim.

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