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Serious safety issues may warrant auto product liability claims

The decision to purchase a vehicle is seldom undertaken without consideration of a particular model's safety and reliability reputation. Once a customer makes the purchase, he or she is entitled to reasonable expectations that the vehicle will perform in a safe and satisfactory manner. When an Arizona resident suffers injuries or sustains significant property damages due to a defective vehicle component, an auto product liability claim may be warranted.

New issue with airbags could lead to auto product liability claim

For the past several years, both foreign and domestic car makers have been forced to issue recalls for a problem with Takata airbags. Those recalls came after several people were either killed or injured when their airbags exploded, sending sharp, metal fragments into passenger compartments. When these types of tragic events occur, Arizona residents may be entitled to seek compensation for their losses through an auto product liability civil suit.

Failures in vital components could lead to auto product liability

When the assembly-line automobile was first introduced, the possibility of a mechanical failure may not have been a serious issue since the machines were relatively simple. Advances in technology may have led to increased performance capabilities, but they have also led to increased complexities in computer-assisted engines that incorporate more components that could fail without warning. Arizona residents who have been injured or sustained significant property damages due to a faulty vehicle component may have grounds to pursue an auto product liability claim.

Some BMWs a fire risk, may lead to auto product liability claims

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is a federal agency responsible for keeping people safe on the nation's roadways. Some say it's not doing it's job, at least with respect to a problem with certain makes and models of BMWs. Over 90 complaints have been filed with the agency, saying that the luxury vehicles burst into flames spontaneously. Reportedly, the NHTSA has not yet opened a formal investigation. In Arizona and across the country, this may lead accident victims to pursue auto product liability claims for monetary damages.

Auto product liability cases stem from serious defect issues

Due to the expense involved, most consumers are trusting that the vehicle they purchase will perform in a safe and reliable fashion. When they fail to do so, vehicles pose a serious risk to the well-being of owners and passengers. One of the few ways Arizona customers can recoup their losses is through an auto product liability civil suit.

Recalls over safety may be basis for auto product liability claim

There have been several recent recalls to fix potentially serious issues relating to the safe operation of various makes and models of automobiles. When Arizona residents purchase a particular make or model of vehicle, they often do so on the basis of reliability, value and safety. If a vehicle fails to meet the safety obligations based on a defective or faulty part, a customer may have a valid reason to file an auto product liability claim.

Automakers woes could result in auto product liability claims

The decision over which vehicle to purchase is a personal one that is often guided by price, reputation and safety ratings. Unfortunately, any auto maker can produce a model that fails to meet expectations and can lead to consumers suffering serious injuries or significant property losses in the event that a vehicle proves to be defective. Arizona residents who have sustained damages or received injuries due to a defective car may have a basis for filing an auto product liability claim.

Owners of Toyotas may have basis for auto product liability claim

One of the market leaders in foreign auto manufacturers has been Toyota, which enjoyed a reputation for providing reliability for owners for years. Unfortunately, certain models of its hybrid line have been the subject of multiple recalls to fix a critical issue. Arizona residents who have suffered injuries or sustained significant property damages due to a defective automobile may have a basis for filing an auto product liability claim.  

Ford recall may be attempt to avoid auto product liability claims

Outside of buying a home, one of the largest repeat purchases consumers make is for their vehicles. Those who are in the market for a new vehicle are often influenced by the reputation of a manufacturer's makes and models that tout safety and reliability. Arizona residents who have suffered a serious injury or significant property losses may have a basis for filing an auto product liability civil suit.

Will lack of oversight lead to more auto product liability cases?

Arizona residents who have purchased a new or used vehicle tend to have confidence that any safety-related issues have already been addressed. Since its inception, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has been charged with overseeing the nation's automobile companies in order to protect the safety of motorists. Recently, the agency oversaw two of the biggest recalls of potentially dangerous vehicles, which also lead to victims successfully filing auto product liability claims to recoup their damages.

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