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Another class-action auto product liability lawsuit for Ford

Cars are very complicated machines, and there are many parts involved that could be faulty. In some cases, those faulty parts result in quick recalls and refunds; in others, Arizona drivers victimized by faulty parts may find themselves taking legal action. After losing one major auto product liability case only months ago, Ford finds itself facing another class-action lawsuit from 2011-2020 Mustang and Mustang GT drivers.

Seat belt use is a major factor in the outcome of a crash

When you're in your vehicle, you probably know that it's a good idea to wear your seat belt. Do you know why, though? People are taught that seat belts are safer to use because there is a scientific reason for doing so. Basic physics prove that disbursing energy across the stronger parts of the body, like the pelvis and shoulders, helps prevent injuries in a crash. Additionally, the seat belt holds you back in a crash, preventing you from being thrown from the vehicle.

Product liability: Who's to blame for your tire blowout?

Arizona drivers are required to adhere to all traffic laws and safety regulations. Doing so reduces the chances for collisions, helping to keep drivers, passengers and pedestrians as safe as possible. The condition of a vehicle's tires affects travel safety in many ways. If a manufacturer makes a defective tire, and a collision occurs resulting in injury, the injured person may have grounds for filing a product liability claim.

Can an overheating car lead to a auto product liability case?

There are certain vehicle malfunctions that can cause particularly high risk to drivers and others on the road. One of these common concerns is an overheating car. But, when an Arizona vehicle starts to overheat, could the damage this issue causes make for an auto product liability claim? Ultimately, the answer to this depends on the reason for the overheating.

Check recall list to avoid auto product liability issues

Defective vehicles and vehicle parts can cause serious damage to drivers and passengers alike. Arizona drivers in a car that malfunctions may have grounds for an auto product liability case. However, most would like to reduce the risk of such an issue in any way possible. To this end, the federal government is recommending that Americans review safety recalls on their vehicles using an online services.

Auto product liability issues could plague autonomous cars

The hype around self-driving cars has certainly intrigued many consumers across the country. However, recent headlines have raised concerns about auto product liability, insurance coverage and safety regulations around these vehicles. What can and should Arizona drivers expect in terms of regulation and protection as autonomous cars become increasingly in vogue.

Auto product liability: Support is available to you

Every Arizona driver is legally obligated to adhere to traffic laws and safety regulations each time he or she gets behind the wheel to drive. On the flip-side, automobile manufacturers also have obligations, such as to make sure the vehicles they make available for purchase are safe for consumers to use. Auto product liability claims are often filed by people who suffer injuries because of driving or who are traveling as passengers in vehicles that contain defective parts.

GM products could trigger new auto product liability claims

General Motors has one of the top spots in this country for brand recognition. Many Arizona residents are loyal GM customers who value the brand's reputation and safety features. Recently, the company issued a recall for a potential defect that could lead to a serious crash. Those who have suffered injuries due to a defective vehicle component may have a basis for filing an auto product liability claim.

Latest vehicle recall: Will it lead to auto product liability?

The decision to purchase a new or used vehicle is one that requires much consideration. For many Arizona residents, several factors play a role in their decision-making process, including the safety and reliability of a particular model. When a consumer suffers either a serious injury or substantial monetary damages due to a defective vehicle, he or she may have a basis for filing an auto product liability civil suit.

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