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Busy roads may mean more auto accidents during the holidays

The holiday season has arrived, which means Arizona drivers will be sharing the roads with more people than at other times of the year. When the roads are busier, it naturally increases the chances for auto accidents, and a bad driver, increases those chances even more. Drivers may benefit by focusing on how to share the roads safely with others during the holiday season.

Once in a blue moon, auto accidents may actually save lives

The idea of a car crash being a fortunate incident sounds like a ridiculous notion. In fact, these often tragic auto accidents cause innocent victims to suffer physical, emotional and financial difficulties from which they may never fully recover. However, for one family in Arizona, there is a future after a horrific crash spared their lives.

Speed, inattention frequent cause of serious auto accidents

Getting a driver's license is often seen as a right of passage in this country. However, no matter one's age, every motorist is required to drive with due care in order to prevent serious auto accidents. Unfortunately, two Arizona children were recently injured when a driver apparently failed to pay close attention.

Arizona auto accidents leave families reeling from their losses

Simple expressions such as "life can change in the blink of an eye" have been heard so often that they no longer seem to hold any meanings. Sadly, they are statements that are proved to be true each day along Arizona roadways as serious auto accidents continue to occur. Families are left to try and pick up the pieces after these devastating tragedies take an unimaginable toll on their lives.

Auto accidents can happen at any time and cause irreparable harm

As families rush around to complete their everyday errands and activities, little time is usually spent contemplating the possibility of a tragic event. Unfortunately, auto accidents can happen at any time of day and can cause families to suffer irreparable harm. A recent car crash in Arizona sent several children and adults to medical centers for treatment of serious injuries.

Officials worry over auto accidents caused by wrong-way drivers

Over the past several months, numerous Arizona travelers have been killed or injured due to wrong-way drivers. Recently, officials have taken steps to reduce the chances of these motorists causing horrific auto accidents. The most recent crash resulted in the deaths of five people.

The tragedy of auto accidents often leaves many feeling the loss

Those who travel the busy interstates throughout the nation all have different destinations but the same goal of arriving safely. Unfortunately, negligent or reckless motorists can cause serious auto accidents. Recently, the actions of one driver has left several families and the music community reeling after a fatal crash on an Arizona highway.

Impaired driving blamed for many Arizona auto accidents

No matter how many public service campaigns focus on the dangers of drinking and driving, many motorists continue to engage in this dangerous behavior. Sadly, a significant number of Arizona families have been devastated by auto accidents ultimately attributed to an impaired driver. One recent crash resulted in one death and two others suffering injuries.

Arizona auto accidents take heavy toll in lives and finances

Traveling the Arizona roadways calls for diligence and strict attention to one's surroundings. When drivers, especially those who are operating large vehicles, fail to pay close attention to the road and fellow motorists, serious auto accidents may result. One such wreck in Arizona has claimed the life of one person and injured two others.

Fatigued driving major factor in countless auto accidents

In 2013, an estimated 72,000 crashes were caused by tired motorists. In Arizona, more than 1,780 auto accidents were attributed to drowsy or fatigued drivers. Experts claim that going longer than a day without sleep and then trying to drive is equivalent to driving while intoxicated.

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