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The difference between birth injuries and defects

Giving birth is one of the most significant moments in both a parent's and baby's life. While it can be filled with joy, it is also a major medical procedure that can come with life-threatening complications. This is why the majority of expecting parents choose to give birth in a hospital aided by doctors, nurses and midwives.

If your child experienced problems before, during or after birth, it may have led them to go through medical challenges. These can be considered birth injuries or birth defects depending on the diagnosis. You may be able to claim compensation for the pain and suffering caused by your child's injury in certain circumstances. The following is an overview of birth injuries and birth defects, as well as your potential compensation options.

What are birth injuries?

Birth injuries are injuries that occur due to complications due to the delivery process. Around five out of every 1,000 children born in the United States, unfortunately, suffer from injuries during the delivery process, and for some, these injuries have implications for the rest of their lives.

What are birth defects?

Birth defects are injuries and illnesses that are not caused directly from the delivery process. Instead, they could be caused by many different factors, from genetics or environmental factors to drugs administered to a woman during their pregnancy.

What are my compensation options?

If you can show that your child's injury or defect was caused by the negligence of a medical provider, you may be able to successfully file a claim for damages. To gain compensation, you will need to show that a medical provider failed in their duty toward you and your child and that this negligence directly led to the causation of your child's birth injury or defect.

It is important that you take early action to make a medical malpractice claim on behalf of your child so that you can gain the damages that you deserve.

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