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Fatal auto accidents can happen when drivers are distracted

Drivers must remember they are responsible for operating a large, potentially dangerous piece of machinery, so they need to concentrate on the task at hand to help keep everyone safe. A driver's focus can be affected by many different things, from cell phones to drug or alcohol use. When a driver allows such distractions to take away his or her focus, auto accidents can happen, and people can end up seriously injured or dead. Sadly, such was the case in a recent two-vehicle crash in Phoenix.

The incident happened on a Saturday evening in a construction zone on the Loop 101. The Arizona Department of Public Safety has said two vehicles were both traveling west when one vehicle rear-ended the other. The 21-year-old man driving the car that was rear-ended was taken to a hospital, but unfortunately, once there, he died of a traumatic brain injury.

The 23-year-old man driving the other car has been arrested and has admitted to crashing his car. Apparently, he also told authorities he had been using his cell phone leading up to the crash. Although investigators suspected impairment, the man claimed he had not been driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. However, after conducting various sobriety tests and a blood test, investigators concluded the driver had been under the influence of Xanax at the time of the crash. They have since charged him with aggravated assault causing serious physical injury and possession of a prescription drug, and they are continuing to investigate the incident.

Certainly, auto accidents can happen for many different reasons, and drivers are not always at fault. However, too often, they happen because of driver distractions, whether from something in the car that takes a driver's attention away from the road, even for a moment, or from reckless choices made prior to driving. It seems both factors may have been in place in this situation. Tragically, a young man died as a result, and his family may consider contacting a Phoenix personal injury attorney to discuss their legal options moving forward.

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