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Did police brutality kill Arizona man?

Law enforcement officers are supposed to be the people who keep communities safe and enforce local laws. Sometimes, police officers go above and beyond to save lives. Unfortunately, other instances, like a recent incident in Arizona, suggest that police brutality can directly result in loss of life. 

These days, most police officers are equipped with body cameras. Footage from these cameras can help show a situation from an officer's point of view. Body camera footage from a recent incident that resulted in the death of an Arizona man may be evidence that police made decisions that may have killed the victim. A woman reported a man behaving in a way she allegedly described as "erratic," and police arrived on the scene and made contact with the subject.

The man tried to run away, and police tackled him in the middle of the street. It was almost 100 degrees that day, and experts say the blacktop surface the man was held on for approximately six minutes may have reached nearly twice that number. Physical contact with such a hot road surface can cause burns so severe, skin grafts are needed, even after a short amount of time. The man was later found unresponsive in the back of the police car and was pronounced deceased. Investigators say no drugs or substances that could provide another explanation for the death were found, and now, local residents are crying out for justice. 

Over the past few months, nationwide reports of police brutality have become more and more frequent. If an Arizona resident has solid evidence to support a civil suit, he or she may want to contact an attorney who has experience handling police brutality cases. When police harm or kill a member of the public, they can be held accountable in a court of law. 

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