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August 2020 Archives

Auto product liability a focus of new "SaferCar" app

It's no secret that car manufacturers sometimes release vehicles with parts that function poorly, or worse, not at all. This is a concern for drivers and manufacturers alike; those behind the wheel want to avoid any safety issues, and those selling cars are keen to avoid legal issues related to auto product liability. A new application from the U.S. government will alert drivers in Arizona and throughout the country if their vehicles are being recalled to help the message get through quickly.

Arizona auto accidents: 3 people dead, 2 critically injured

Most Arizona drivers, no matter how attentive while behind the wheel, can remember a time when they failed to see an obstacle on or at the side of the road. Auto accidents can result from such situations, but most often, a driver is able to avoid disaster by quickly making the necessary adjustments to avoid hitting a person or object in his or her path. However, drivers can easily become distracted, whether from using their cellphone, talking with passengers, fatigue or engaging in a variety of activities other than driving. This type of scenario may have been what caused a recent tragedy in Phoenix that left three people dead and two others critically injured.

2 categories of injuries that might impact babies during birth

Many childbirths occur without any serious issues, but there are instances in which the mother or baby suffer injuries during the process. These are sometimes attributed to medical malpractice or negligence. Regardless of the cause, the primary focus for the family is getting the injuries treated.

How much do vehicle safety systems actually reduce auto accidents

Advanced safety systems are often a selling point in car advertisements and at dealerships. But do they really reduce the risk of serious auto accidents? Arizona drivers often need to navigate the true advantages of these features when buying a car.

After auto accidents happen, what steps should drivers take?

Being involved in a collision can be an overwhelming experience. Despite the often emotional nature of these situations, Arizona drivers are aware that taking the right steps at the scene of auto accidents and immediately thereafter can impact their insurance outcome and protect them in general. But, what are those right steps? Here are some of the recommended things to do to protect oneself following a collision.

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