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Study suggests certain car safety tech may prevent auto accidents

All drivers know that driving safely, wearing a seatbelt and paying attention are key to staying safe on the road. But, humans can make mistakes, and the resulting auto accidents can be devastating. A recent student from Consumer Reports suggests that certain car safety technologies could save lives on the roads in Arizona and elsewhere in the U.S., despite not being a requirement for new vehicles sold in the country.

The report discussed a variety of safety technologies, including automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning and blind spot warning. According to the study, the three technologies would result in 11,000 fewer traffic deaths in the United States if they were adopted fleet-wide. Pedestrian detection systems, according to the study, would save an additional 800 deaths annually.

At present, these safety features are sold primarily as optional, add-on trims. None are required to be included in new vehicles sold in the United States. The price tag for packages with automatic emergency braking and blind spot warning costs an average of $2,000 extra to consumers. However, the report posited that at least two automakers charged an additional $12,000 for the two features.

Federal lawmakers are currently looking at legislation that, among other things, may to standardize some safety equipment in vehicles. This safety equipment may help prevent auto accidents. Regardless of how this legislation progresses, it is important that Arizona individuals who are in auto accidents understand what to do and how to seek recourse for damages. An Arizona lawyer can help answer questions related to these topics.

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