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Red-light running: A dangerous and deadly habit

Running red lights is a dangerous and bad habit, but unfortunately, many people in America do it. With the way lights are set up, there are people who believe that they can "beat" the yellow light. The problem is that not all lights are created equal.

Some lights are yellow for longer than others, giving people more or less time to get through the intersection. If a driver doesn't have enough time to get through, they could end up passing into the intersection after the light has turned red and other traffic has started to move.

Red-light running is frequent, and it can be deadly

Did you know that 846 people were killed in 2018 because of crashes involving red-light running? If you've been hit by someone who ran a red light, then you know how dangerous it can be. Around 139,000 people were injured by drivers who ran red lights in 2018, too.

Unfortunately, people still do this all the time. They may be in a rush, distracted or drowsy, but the fact is that they are creating an unnecessary hazard.

Do drivers have to stop before turning right on red?

First, remember that not all intersections allow right turns on red. If the turn is allowed, drivers should stop completely before they make the turn.

Stopping completely is necessary, because it gives the driver time to assess the area around them. They can better prevent crashes involving pedestrians and other drivers by making a complete stop.

Who is the most likely to run red lights?

In 2018, the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety determined that red-light runners were more likely to be men, to have a history of crashes or DUI convictions and to be younger. These same drivers also had a higher potential to be drunk or speeding at the time of running the red light. Interestingly, those who run red lights are less likely to have valid drivers' licenses.

What is most interesting is that data collected by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety did find that 85% of drivers believed that speeding through a red light was extremely dangerous. Out of those respondents, 31% admitted to doing so within the last month (30 days).

As a victim of a red-light collision, it's important for you to get to hold the other driver responsible. Their actions led to your injuries, and they should be held accountable for their errors.

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