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Medical malpractice risks and options following joint replacement

Technological advancements and demographic shifts are among the reasons for an increase in joint replacement surgeries. Like any surgical procedure, joint replacement can carry some risks, including infection or blood clots. Arizona patients who do end up with these outcomes following joint replacement may consider a medical malpractice claim.

The most common type of joint replacement surgeries are hip and knee replacement, the latter of which has tripled in popularity among the baby boomer generation. Simply put, Americans are getting joint replacements more often and at a younger age than before. There are many reasons for this, including less stigma around these procedures and an increase in safety and accessibility of the surgery.

Any surgical procedure, even a relatively safe one, carries some level of risk. In joint replacement, negligence is usually behind any negative outcomes. For example, medical equipment that is not clean can lead to infection, or a poorly conducted surgery could result in nerve damage. On occasion, the new joint may not work properly.

Certain patients are at higher risk for complications from a surgical error in joint replacement, including those with conditions like obesity, heart disease, diabetes or rheumatic arthritis. Even if the surgery goes perfectly, there may still be stiffness, swelling and bruising at first. It is important that patients pay close attention to their bodies and health following a joint replacement and take note of these issues in case it is something more serious, but leaving time for recovery is equally critical. Those who feel their joint replacement surgery has gone wrong should contact an Arizona medical malpractice lawyer.

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