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Arizona city repeals ordinance with police brutality implications

Regulations related to law enforcement are considered and passed by lawmakers and regulators at all levels, including those on the municipal level. In April, the City Council of Tuscon, Arizona, passed a controversial ordinance banning video recording and interfering with the police. The ordinance has since been repealed due to outcry from advocates of police brutality victims and those concerned about the constitutionality of the ordinance.

The ordinance, which was approved unanimously by Tuscan City Council in April, banned people from entering a crime scene and obstructing on officer's ability to carry out his or her work. Those who do not follow the ordinance could be charged with a Class 2 misdemeanor and be handed a $750 fine. Council members point out that it did not ban individuals already implicated in a police engagement from filming what was going on, nor did it prevent individuals from filming incidents, provided they were not obstructing the police.

The ordinance caught a great deal of attention on social media, where some interpreted it as a full ban on filming police activity. However, even when the ordinance was explained more thoroughly, organizations like the American Civil Liberties Union of Arizona still took issue with the ordinance. Critics suggested the language was too broad and could infringe on an individual's rights.

Following the backlash, Tuscon City Council revisited the ordinance. In response to calls for increased accountability and transparency in the face of police brutality concerns, they chose to repeal it. Legally, video evidence can have a significant impact on a police brutality trial. Those who have been a victim of such activities should bring all such evidence to an Arizona lawyer to discuss the possibility of legal action in their case.

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