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July 2020 Archives

Medical malpractice risks and options following joint replacement

Technological advancements and demographic shifts are among the reasons for an increase in joint replacement surgeries. Like any surgical procedure, joint replacement can carry some risks, including infection or blood clots. Arizona patients who do end up with these outcomes following joint replacement may consider a medical malpractice claim.

Auto accidents may happen due to failure to stop at a red light

A teenage girl has sadly lost her life in a motor vehicle collision in Arizona. Now, her family members are left to grapple with how her life could have been snatched away so soon in the two-car crash. These types of auto accidents can easily happen as a result of a driver's negligence -- such as blowing through a red light -- which is grounds for litigation.

Preparation for summer trips can prevent auto accidents

For the majority of Americans, summer trip plans involve driving the family car for some length of time. In fact, a recent study reported that 68% of Americans would take their personal car to a summer vacation spot this year. Arizona drivers who plan to take long drives as part of holiday plans can prevent auto accidents by properly preparing their vehicles for the voyage.

Arizona city repeals ordinance with police brutality implications

Regulations related to law enforcement are considered and passed by lawmakers and regulators at all levels, including those on the municipal level. In April, the City Council of Tuscon, Arizona, passed a controversial ordinance banning video recording and interfering with the police. The ordinance has since been repealed due to outcry from advocates of police brutality victims and those concerned about the constitutionality of the ordinance.

Study suggests certain car safety tech may prevent auto accidents

All drivers know that driving safely, wearing a seatbelt and paying attention are key to staying safe on the road. But, humans can make mistakes, and the resulting auto accidents can be devastating. A recent student from Consumer Reports suggests that certain car safety technologies could save lives on the roads in Arizona and elsewhere in the U.S., despite not being a requirement for new vehicles sold in the country.

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