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Another class-action auto product liability lawsuit for Ford

Cars are very complicated machines, and there are many parts involved that could be faulty. In some cases, those faulty parts result in quick recalls and refunds; in others, Arizona drivers victimized by faulty parts may find themselves taking legal action. After losing one major auto product liability case only months ago, Ford finds itself facing another class-action lawsuit from 2011-2020 Mustang and Mustang GT drivers.

The product in question is the Getrag MT82 gearbox, which drivers of these vehicles have vocally raised issues about for years. The plaintiffs in the case allege that the gearboxes were inherently defective, leading to slipping, jerking and the clashing of gears. Even after repairs, the plaintiffs allege that the product remains faulty.

The chain reaction of this faulty gearbox, they claim, causes shift forks, shift shafts, synchronizers and clutch assemblies to fail. The consistent need to repair these parts is extremely expensive, which is why the drivers have chosen to bring a lawsuit against Ford. The lawsuit references internal bulletins sent to dealerships, which acknowledge the issue.

There are several interesting pieces of evidence in the case on both sides; for example, a 2011 investigation from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found no issues with the gearbox. Ford also claims that not properly warming up the cars could be the root cause, thereby placing onus on the drivers. When cases like this emerge, it is important for Arizona drivers to speak with a local lawyer about their particular situation and whether an auto product liability lawsuit makes sense in their case.

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