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June 2020 Archives

Auto accidents in Arizona may lead to serious injuries, deaths

A man and a woman recently lost their lives in a motor vehicle collision in Arizona. In addition, two other people were injured in the crash, which occurred along U.S. Highway 89. Sometimes, these types of auto accidents are the result of driver negligence, which is grounds for litigation.

Another class-action auto product liability lawsuit for Ford

Cars are very complicated machines, and there are many parts involved that could be faulty. In some cases, those faulty parts result in quick recalls and refunds; in others, Arizona drivers victimized by faulty parts may find themselves taking legal action. After losing one major auto product liability case only months ago, Ford finds itself facing another class-action lawsuit from 2011-2020 Mustang and Mustang GT drivers.

Seat belt use is a major factor in the outcome of a crash

When you're in your vehicle, you probably know that it's a good idea to wear your seat belt. Do you know why, though? People are taught that seat belts are safer to use because there is a scientific reason for doing so. Basic physics prove that disbursing energy across the stronger parts of the body, like the pelvis and shoulders, helps prevent injuries in a crash. Additionally, the seat belt holds you back in a crash, preventing you from being thrown from the vehicle.

Fatal auto accidents may involve failure to stop at red signal

A man recently lost his life in a tragic car crash in Arizona. The car crash, which involved two cars, occurred on a Friday morning. These kinds of auto accidents sometimes occur due to a driver's carelessness -- for instance, failing to stop at a red traffic signal. In this case, the driver who caused the accident may be held liable for any injuries or deaths resulting from it.

What type of evidence is needed in a medical malpractice case?

Evidence is a critical element in any legal case. In Arizona medical malpractice cases, the evidence presented should prove both a causal relationship and negligence. There are many different acceptable forms of evidence that can support an individual's case.

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