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Robotic surgery and the impact on medical malpractice claims

Robotics and automation have advanced considerably in recent years in almost every field, including medicine. There are many clear benefits to using robotics and automation to aid surgeries, including consistency, efficiency and ability to prevent fatigue in medical professionals doing repetitive tasks. But many Arizona patients also wonder if these technologies could malfunction, and what medical malpractice options they will have if this caused harm.

Robotics and automation may be fairly new in the medical field, but robotics have been used in factories and industrial settings as far back as World War II. Some deaths have resulted from issues with machinery as a result, so there are legal frameworks and precedents in place regarding liability in these circumstances. However, it remains a challenging subject, especially when deciding whether the facility using the robotics (a factory or, in medical cases, a hospital) should be liable, or if the manufacturer of the equipment carries liability.

Unfortunately, many current laws do not seem to have straightforward guidelines about liability in medical robotics. Generally speaking, those who might want to bring a medical malpractice lawsuit when the error is at least partially due to equipment will have a more complicated issue on their hands. This is because the practitioner, owners of the location where treatment was provided,  and the robotics manufacturers may all have a piece of the blame.

While more people may be involved in these claims, there is a history of injury or fatality from robotics being resolved. The only difference in the end is who makes the ultimate payout. Finding an Arizona lawyer with a strong grasp on liability law can help people looking to pursue a medical malpractice claim, especially if automated equipment played a role.

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