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Police brutality kills 46-year-old man

Police are supposed to protect the communities that they serve, but far too often, they end up harming them instead. Police brutality is a serious and ongoing threat to the people of Arizona. Since there is no way of discerning when a situation will turn violent, every encounter with the police can be terrifying. These encounters can even be fatal. Sadly, one out-of-state man's recent police encounter ended in his death.

This devastating incident all started when police responded to a report of forgery and were looking for a man who was under the influence and sitting on a vehicle. The responding officers then located a man who matched the provided description sitting inside of a vehicle. They claim that they ordered the 46-year-old man to get out, but he resisted. He was later removed from the vehicle and then handcuffed. At that point, officers admit that he looked like he was in medical distress.

Despite this, one of the four officers at the scene knelt with his knee pressed on the victim's neck. In a video of the incident, the victim can be heard telling officers that he cannot breathe. The officer refused to move, and the video showed that the man became motionless. He was taken to the hospital, where he later died of his injuries.

All four of the officers were fired, but this is not justice for this man's life nor for his grieving family. Instead, Arizona victims of police brutality can take legal action, seeking help for their injuries and other damages. Although nothing can undo the past, successfully pursuing this course of action to completion can also help protect other people from facing the same abuse.

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