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Common car safety mistakes that may cause auto accidents

Staying safe on the road is a top priority for drivers, lawmakers and vehicle manufacturers alike. Despite best efforts, there are some common oversights that can lead to auto accidents in Arizona. Here are some things drivers can look out for to prevent a dangerous situation.

Worn out tires can be dangerous, especially when roads are wet and slippery. Under-inflated tires are also a risk. Checking a vehicle's manual to understand the best tire specifications, including air pressure, is a good idea.

Car seats are designed to keep children safe, but using the wrong seat or using it incorrectly can actually increase risk. One common mistake is not recognizing the expiration date on car seats. Materials can degrade over time and technology can become outdated, so abiding by those expiration dates is important for safety.

A driver's mental state is also a key factor in safety. Distracted drivers and tired drivers have a much higher risk of crashes. Fatigue can be just as much of an impairment to drivers as substances, so consider this when deciding whether to get behind the wheel. Making efforts to minimize distractions in advance, such as having hands-free calling technology and keeping a mobile phone out of arms' reach, is important.

Arizona drivers not only have an obligation to keep themselves and their passengers safe, but they also must think about others on the road. Avoiding oversights and putting safety first can minimize risk when traveling. Those who are involved in auto accidents should connect with a lawyer to understand key issues like liability and accident coverage.

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