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May 2020 Archives

Police brutality kills 46-year-old man

Police are supposed to protect the communities that they serve, but far too often, they end up harming them instead. Police brutality is a serious and ongoing threat to the people of Arizona. Since there is no way of discerning when a situation will turn violent, every encounter with the police can be terrifying. These encounters can even be fatal. Sadly, one out-of-state man's recent police encounter ended in his death.

Common car safety mistakes that may cause auto accidents

Staying safe on the road is a top priority for drivers, lawmakers and vehicle manufacturers alike. Despite best efforts, there are some common oversights that can lead to auto accidents in Arizona. Here are some things drivers can look out for to prevent a dangerous situation.

Medical malpractice: Important information for Arizona parents

When a woman enters an Arizona hospital to give birth, she can reasonably expect that her entire medical team will adhere accepted safety protocol to help her and her baby navigate labor, delivery and recovery in as safe and healthy a manner as possible. A pregnant woman will have hopefully been attending prenatal care appointments throughout her pregnancy. Such appointments can help doctors, nurses, midwives and other care providers spot potential risks to mothers and their unborn children. Sadly, there are a number of of birth injuries in this country every year, many of which lead to medical malpractice lawsuits.

Robotic surgery and the impact on medical malpractice claims

Robotics and automation have advanced considerably in recent years in almost every field, including medicine. There are many clear benefits to using robotics and automation to aid surgeries, including consistency, efficiency and ability to prevent fatigue in medical professionals doing repetitive tasks. But many Arizona patients also wonder if these technologies could malfunction, and what medical malpractice options they will have if this caused harm.

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