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What is the average medical malpractice settlement in the U.S?

When choosing whether to take legal action, most people weigh their options and the pros and cons of going to court. In doing this, the amount of compensation or damages that may result from the case is a key factor. Arizona individuals considering a medical malpractice suit should ask a lawyer for the specific potentiality of their cases. In addition, they may consider data regarding the average settlement and the factors that historically affect rates.

In the United States, the average medical malpractice settlement is $425,000. If a case goes to trial, juries tend to award more than this with average amounts reaching up to $1 million, depending on location and the type of case. Averages and options can vary from state to state; however, some states limit the amount of damages a patient can receive, which impacts the potentialities.

Physicians typically have medical malpractice insurance to cover expenses if legal action is taken. Their premiums can go up if there is a history of medical malpractice. Premiums can also be higher for medical professionals in higher-risk specialties. For example, obstetricians and neurologists have higher insurance premiums because they regularly perform surgeries where a negative outcome could have severe consequences.

Ultimately, the specifics of a case and the damages that can be calculated and proven will impact the outcome should the plaintiff win. This, along with any limits that may exist in state laws and the merits of the evidence, will determine the amount awarded. An Arizona lawyer can help to clarify the potentialities of medical malpractice cases for those considering action.

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