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Study suggests police brutality, medical mistrust correlated

Having a negative interaction with police, especially one that turns violent, can leave many physical and psychological scars. Arizona victims of police brutality may still need ongoing mental health support even after the incident occurs. Research about the ongoing impacts of such experiences is ongoing, many of which may not be obvious at first.

A recent study suggests that those who have experience with police brutality may go on to mistrust medical institutions. The study, which surveyed 4,000 Americans living in urban areas, found that experiences with one negative institution can translate to overarching mistrust in others. Negative encounters with the police, according to researchers, made victims more likely to think that authority figures in the medical field could also not have their best interests in mind.

Higher rates of medical mistrust were also found in people in racial minority groups. Native Americans, the researchers said, showed the strongest mistrust of medical institutions following a negative police encounter. If the individual felt the police may have been justified in their actions during a negative interaction, the relationship with medical systems could still be impacted.

Study participants shared many theories about why their experience with police brutality might impact their feelings and trust in the medical field. One suggested that questionable judgement from a police officer, such as using a taser when it may not have been needed, made them more skeptical about anyone using potentially harmful equipment on their bodies. In their case, this mistrust extended to medical personnel. Those in Arizona who experienced police brutality should choose to bring legal action to hold those responsible accountable and pursue compensation. A lawyer in the state can help to clarify how such restitution can be pursued.

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