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Product liability: Who's to blame for your tire blowout?

Arizona drivers are required to adhere to all traffic laws and safety regulations. Doing so reduces the chances for collisions, helping to keep drivers, passengers and pedestrians as safe as possible. The condition of a vehicle's tires affects travel safety in many ways. If a manufacturer makes a defective tire, and a collision occurs resulting in injury, the injured person may have grounds for filing a product liability claim.

It is important for car owners to check the condition of their tires and to keep up with needed maintenance. Some maintenance should be done by licensed mechanics because the average vehicle owner may not have the proper tools needed or knowledge on how to perform a particular tire repair or maintenance function. Lack of tire maintenance can lead to various problems, such as bare treads, which can then lead to disaster if a tire blows and causes a collision.

Wheels need to be properly aligned for safe trips. Each vehicle's manufacturer's instructions recommend alignment specifications. If wheels are not properly aligned, it can cause fuel inefficiency, as well as other problems, including tread wear and trouble with steering.

Tread separation is a common defect that can make tires unsafe and lead to problems on Arizona roads. Not checking and performing tire maintenance can cause tread separation. However, many product liability claims involve manufacturer defects where tire treads and steel belting were not properly fused to the tire casings. If a person suffers injury due to defective tires, an experienced personal injury attorney can assess whether grounds exist for seeking financial recovery for damages against the party or parties deemed responsible for the defect.

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