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Living in a nursing home: These are real risks to look for

Red flags should be immediate signs of trouble, but they are often overlooked by people who need to find a nursing home as soon as possible. Whether it's seeing a nurse who is abrupt with a patient in pain or noticing that there isn't enough staff to help people in the nursing home, it's important that you note those warning signs and follow up on them.

Your loved one relies on you for care, so it's essential that you play an active role in their safety in a nursing home. These facilities are often good, but a bad nursing home could put their life at risk.

What are some warning signs of bad care in a nursing home?

Some signs that a nursing home may not be up to standard include:

  • Seeing residents with broken bones, sprains or other physical injuries often
  • Seeing calls go unanswered at the nursing station
  • Being refused your privacy while alone with an elderly person
  • Seeing marked changes in your loved one's behavior
  • Having staff members tell you they can't or won't answer your questions regularly
  • Frantic or disorganized staff members

What should you do if you see a problem in a nursing home that concerns you?

If your loved one hasn't been hurt but you're worried about what you're seeing, you may want to talk to the head nurse or the nursing home's director. They may be able to give you insight into why you're seeing what you are or their plans to make things more efficient in the nursing home.

If your concerns are met with aggression or dismissed without explanation, you may want to start looking at other nursing homes. You have a right to transfer your loved one to any nursing home into which they are accepted.

There is no excuse for bad care in a nursing home. Everyone in the nursing home should be well-trained and be focused on providing adequate care to the residents. If there aren't enough staff members or there are too many patients needing extensive care for the staff to handle, then it may be worth looking into another facility or talking to the director about what they're doing to decrease the staff-to-patient ratio.

If your loved one is hurt and there have been concerns raised, you may need to look into the cause of the injuries as well as making sure that your loved one receives adequate medical care in a hospital.

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