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Can an overheating car lead to a auto product liability case?

There are certain vehicle malfunctions that can cause particularly high risk to drivers and others on the road. One of these common concerns is an overheating car. But, when an Arizona vehicle starts to overheat, could the damage this issue causes make for an auto product liability claim? Ultimately, the answer to this depends on the reason for the overheating.

Typically, when a car overheats, it is because the cooling system is not working properly. Most often, this happens due to a leak or a clog in the system. This can lead to an overheated engine, which can carry a hefty price tag. It can take only seconds for serious damage to be done from overheating.

In most cases, a fault in the cooling system is to blame for overheating.  Other times, the thermostat malfunctions and causes the vehicle to not properly respond to overheating. Finally, the radiator cap could be the culprit, as a faulty cap will not maintain pressure in the cooling system.

Sometimes, the fault comes from regular wear and tear or deterioration; for example, the hose that transfers the coolant could, over time, weaken and present a hole. But, it is possible in some cases that the issue is the fault of an auto manufacturer. Keeping an eye on recall lists can help Arizona drivers protect themselves in these cases and make sure they do not pay for damage that they had no part in creating. Those who are hurt by an overheating engine, or any other malfunction, should speak with a lawyer about the potential for an auto product liability case.

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