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April 2020 Archives

Product liability: Who's to blame for your tire blowout?

Arizona drivers are required to adhere to all traffic laws and safety regulations. Doing so reduces the chances for collisions, helping to keep drivers, passengers and pedestrians as safe as possible. The condition of a vehicle's tires affects travel safety in many ways. If a manufacturer makes a defective tire, and a collision occurs resulting in injury, the injured person may have grounds for filing a product liability claim.

Can an overheating car lead to a auto product liability case?

There are certain vehicle malfunctions that can cause particularly high risk to drivers and others on the road. One of these common concerns is an overheating car. But, when an Arizona vehicle starts to overheat, could the damage this issue causes make for an auto product liability claim? Ultimately, the answer to this depends on the reason for the overheating.

Living in a nursing home: These are real risks to look for

Red flags should be immediate signs of trouble, but they are often overlooked by people who need to find a nursing home as soon as possible. Whether it's seeing a nurse who is abrupt with a patient in pain or noticing that there isn't enough staff to help people in the nursing home, it's important that you note those warning signs and follow up on them.

What is the average medical malpractice settlement in the U.S?

When choosing whether to take legal action, most people weigh their options and the pros and cons of going to court. In doing this, the amount of compensation or damages that may result from the case is a key factor. Arizona individuals considering a medical malpractice suit should ask a lawyer for the specific potentiality of their cases. In addition, they may consider data regarding the average settlement and the factors that historically affect rates.

Road check event aims to prevent commercial vehicle accidents

There are many safety protocols that American truck drivers need to adhere to in order to keep themselves and others safe. Inspections are critical to educate Arizona drivers, enforce rules and prevent commercial vehicle accidents. In order to draw attention to the many rules and regulations in place for truck drivers, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) recognizes an international road check inspection event from May 5 to 7.

Study suggests police brutality, medical mistrust correlated

Having a negative interaction with police, especially one that turns violent, can leave many physical and psychological scars. Arizona victims of police brutality may still need ongoing mental health support even after the incident occurs. Research about the ongoing impacts of such experiences is ongoing, many of which may not be obvious at first.

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