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Check recall list to avoid auto product liability issues

Defective vehicles and vehicle parts can cause serious damage to drivers and passengers alike. Arizona drivers in a car that malfunctions may have grounds for an auto product liability case. However, most would like to reduce the risk of such an issue in any way possible. To this end, the federal government is recommending that Americans review safety recalls on their vehicles using an online services.

According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), there were 881 recalls involving 38 million vehicles last year alone. This large number makes it fairly likely that most car makes have been subject to a recall at some point. According to the NHTSA, it can be very dangerous to drive a car with a recall depending on the issue at hand.

For example, there was a massive recall on a certain type of airbags recently. The defective airbags were responsible for at least 24 deaths across the country. It is free for drivers to have recalls repaired at the manufacturer's dealership. The NHTSA recommends visiting the recall page of its website to review whether there may be an issue with one's vehicle.

The NHTSA noted that in some cases, less than half of those driver cars with recalled parts are aware of or follow through with the repairs. Those who are involved in accidents involving a defective part in a vehicle may find themselves involved in an auto product liability case. Arizona individuals who think they may be the victim of an injury or loved one's death due to defective products should contact a lawyer in the state to understand their legal options.

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