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Brakes went out? The mechanic could be to blame

You took your vehicle in for maintenance, and the mechanic said that your brakes needed to be repaired. They weren't stopping your vehicle well, and that meant that you were more likely to be involved in a collision.

You agreed and allowed them to start the repairs. When you picked up your car, you immediately noticed that the brakes were better. You went home happily.

The next day, you were driving when you heard an unusual squeaking. You decided to head over to the mechanic shop to discuss the issue. On the way there, you saw a red light up ahead and started to brake. That's when your entire brake system failed, and you ended up getting into a rear-end crash.

When brakes don't work, you're at risk of a collision

When your brakes stop working, there is a significant risk that you could be involved in a crash, especially if you're in moving traffic. That squealing or squeaking sound that you heard? It was probably the lining on your brake pads being completely worn out or giving away.

What you realized later is that the new pads weren't installed correctly, and that led to your hitting another vehicle. You're technically at fault for the crash, but are you really the one to blame?

Not really. If you took your vehicle in to the shop for repairs, then you were doing everything you were supposed to do. If those repairs were faulty, or if you were charged for repairs that were never performed, then it's fair to take steps to hold the mechanic responsible for your injuries as well as the injuries that your vehicle caused others. It's unfair for you to place your vehicle in the hands of professionals only to find out that they did not do what they needed to do to keep you, or others around you, safe.

Mechanical errors are one of the leading causes of car crashes, and around 22% of all vehicle-related crashes do come down issues with the braking system. Faulty brakes after a repair are uncalled for, and it could mean that you were taken advantage of as a client or that the mechanic does not have the appropriate training to be working on vehicles. In some cases, the truth may be that the parts were faulty, which means that the manufacturer could be liable as well. Your attorney would be able to discuss your specific situation with you to find out whom you could file a claim against.

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