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March 2020 Archives

Fear of auto accidents raised after proposed regulation changes

Regulation has always been a hot topic in the world of autonomous vehicles. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently released a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, citing its intention to rewrite regulations in order to account for passenger-carrying autonomous vehicles without passenger controls, as well as self-driving cars designed for no passengers. Individuals in Arizona and throughout the United States have some concerns about the risk of auto accidents with these vehicles, but changes to the wording of regulations may help regulators explore these challenges within the confines of pre-existing documentation.

How is fault assigned in auto accidents?

When a collision occurs, determining who is at fault is often one of the most important determinations. This determination is so important because it clarifies who is liable for the accident. Liability plays a role in the outcome of auto accidents, particularly with regard to insurance and charges. Here are some things Arizona drivers should know about how fault is assigned.

What is needed to bring a medical malpractice case?

When someone is the victim of a botched medical procedure or inadequate care, they may wonder what legal options they have. If certain requirements are met, individuals with these experiences may be able to bring a medical malpractice claim. Here are some of the things that are typically needed in order to file such a suit in Arizona, or elsewhere in the United States.

Check recall list to avoid auto product liability issues

Defective vehicles and vehicle parts can cause serious damage to drivers and passengers alike. Arizona drivers in a car that malfunctions may have grounds for an auto product liability case. However, most would like to reduce the risk of such an issue in any way possible. To this end, the federal government is recommending that Americans review safety recalls on their vehicles using an online services.

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