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DOT aims to prevent auto accidents by clarifying safety features

When shopping for a car, many people consider the safety features inside. Having the right safety features can prevent or reduce the risk of serious injury in auto accidents, but it can sometimes be difficult for Arizona drivers to compare safety add-ons between vehicle brands. The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) has now released a list of standardized names, sending a signal to automakers that they are advocating for consumer-friendly terms.

The list, released Jan. 15, offers suggested names that will clarify the value and limitations of certain safety technologies. Automakers will not be required to use the terms, although the effort aims to send a message by providing suggested names that will be clearer to drivers. Most notably, DOT shared that it is trying to make drivers aware that technologies assist drivers, rather than replacing attention and engagement.

Disparity between naming is not the only issue identified by the DOT. The federal agency is also concerned with misleading names for features, which may make drivers think that they are a replacement for typical engaged behavior. There is also the issue that manuals may name a feature differently than a website, advertisement or even the in-car menu. This can make it difficult for a vehicle driver to understand how best to use the safety features available.

According to DOT, 93 percent of new vehicles have at least one driver assistance system such as emergency braking or blind spot warnings. Each feature can have up to 20 names, which can be confusing. However, regardless of any efforts taken to ease such confusion, auto accidents as a whole are not wholly preventable. An Arizona lawyer is an important person to have on hand should an accident take place, whether liability lies with another driver or the automobile manufacturer.

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