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Auto product liability issues could plague autonomous cars

The hype around self-driving cars has certainly intrigued many consumers across the country. However, recent headlines have raised concerns about auto product liability, insurance coverage and safety regulations around these vehicles. What can and should Arizona drivers expect in terms of regulation and protection as autonomous cars become increasingly in vogue.

The regulation of autonomous cars has been discussed on Capitol Hill, but reporters say the discussion has been largely at a standstill. Although bipartisan efforts have been made towards addressing the safety and liability concerns with this new technology, a bill has yet to make it through both the House and the Senate. A recent hearing clarified some of the issues that such a bill would seek to regulate.

In the hearing, those in the automobile and technology industries have expressed their concerns with the proposed regulations. They stated a wish to be able to manufacture and release more unconventional vehicles in the future, including those that may lack steering wheels, mirrors and pedals. In addition, they requested national leadership to bar states and cities from regulating autonomous vehicles.

The debates continue, but safety advocates and lawyers have shared their interest in drivers and others on the roads being protected from damage caused by this new technology. Safety advocates have requested that Congress ask for increased data and regulation prior to releasing the vehicles on the road. Lawyers are also taking consumers' sides in this debate, working to reserve drivers' rights to bring auto product liability claims against those who are involved in accidents related to malfunctions. Arizona drivers, passengers and pedestrians alike should pay close attention to this news as it unfolds, and they should contact a lawyer should they have concerns about their legal remedies in the case of a self-driving car accident.

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