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February 2020 Archives

Pheonix considers civilian board to tackle police brutality

Recently, Phoenix city council has been discussing various oversight options in response to growing complaints about excessive force from local law enforcement. A proposal tabled by the mayor suggests the implementation of a civilian review board to audit allegations of police brutality and misconduct. Should the proposal move forward, the legal response to such allegations may change in the city of Phoenix.

Study: Later school start times could reduce auto accidents

Driving while tired and inexperienced individuals behind the wheel are both often cited as causes of collisions. This inspired some U.S. researchers to ask the question: Do early class start times increase the risk of auto accidents involving teens? The results of the study may have an important takeaway for teen drivers and their parents in Arizona and across the country.

Auto product liability issues could plague autonomous cars

The hype around self-driving cars has certainly intrigued many consumers across the country. However, recent headlines have raised concerns about auto product liability, insurance coverage and safety regulations around these vehicles. What can and should Arizona drivers expect in terms of regulation and protection as autonomous cars become increasingly in vogue.

DOT aims to prevent auto accidents by clarifying safety features

When shopping for a car, many people consider the safety features inside. Having the right safety features can prevent or reduce the risk of serious injury in auto accidents, but it can sometimes be difficult for Arizona drivers to compare safety add-ons between vehicle brands. The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) has now released a list of standardized names, sending a signal to automakers that they are advocating for consumer-friendly terms.

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