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Main causes of anesthesiologist medical malpractice suits

Taking a patient's medical history in advance of a surgery is an important step in any non-emergency procedure. A new study shows that failing to do this is a leading case of medical malpractice lawsuits faced by anesthesiologists. It is important for Arizona patients who may be subject to anesthesia to understand the risks they may face depending on their medical histories. If anesthesiologists do not properly consider these risks, a lawsuit may result should injury occur.

According to the study, there are three main reasons anesthesiologists tend to face lawsuits for malpractice. The first is the aforementioned inadequate patient assessments in advance. The other two are patient monitoring and communication between other providers, a common cause of patient injury across many medical disciplines.

The failure to assess the patient properly can be due to many circumstances. For example, the study's co-author noted that opportunities for preoperative assessments are slim for many anesthesiologists.  Although they often have the most information and background knowledge about what issues would impact the anesthesia, these professionals are not always given opportunities to test or review information, nor to prepare for potential complications.

The study concluded with a suggestion that everyone involved, including surgeons, proceduralists, and the health care facility or organization itself to play a role in preventing unnecessary injuries. When anesthesiologists are too rushed and cannot properly perform preoperative testing and questioning, they could put a patient at risk. Those who have been injured by such behaviour should speak with an Arizona lawyer about their medical malpractice options.

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