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Parents file medical malpractice claim after son loses leg

A young boy lost one of his legs after multiple medical professionals repeatedly missed a possibly deadly diagnosis. His parents have since sued the hospital where he was seen, as well as the supervising physicians, physician assistants and nurses. If a child in Arizona is injured because of a missed diagnosis, his or her parents may also be entitled to pursue a medical malpractice lawsuit.

The 7-year-old was attending a birthday party when he got his foot stuck in a trampoline. He was diagnosed with a sprained ankle at an urgent care facility the following day. He was still experiencing a significant amount of pain the day after the diagnosis, so his mother took him to be seen at an area emergency room.

His parents took him to the emergency a total of three times, during which he was treated by three different nurses and two physicians assistants. Although he was evaluated each time, some of the health care workers only performed cursory evaluations before insisting that he only had a sprained ankle. Other examinations were more in depth but did not provide better results. For example, one nurse noted that the boy was experiencing painful swelling in his foot and had a very high heart rate of 160 beats per minute, but he was still told that he only had a sprained ankle.

The boy's leg started to turn purple shortly after being discharged from his third emergency room visit. His pediatrician advised his mother to promptly take him to another hospital, where he was correctly diagnosed with compartment syndrome. After coming out of surgery he suffered septic shock and respiratory failure. After being placed on ventilator support he underwent an amputation of his affected leg.

Parents trust medical professionals in Arizona to provide the best possible care to their children, which includes making the correct diagnosis. Any failure to do so can have serious and life-long implications. Although successfully navigating a medical malpractice suit cannot undo any of that harm, getting compensation can help victims address their damages, including physical injuries and medical bills.

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