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Community activists allege police brutality after filmed arrest

Police officers encounter all manner of people as they carry out their responsibilities to protect and serve their communities. Unfortunately, there have been many incidents when interactions between law enforcement and those who suffer from mental health issues have escalated to the point that those being placed under arrest have become victims of police brutality. Arizona residents who have been harmed by an abuse of power do have avenues for pursuing justice.

Recently, an officer was placed on suspension due to video footage of a violent interaction between a resident and officers. According to the report, two undercover officers were patrolling when they purportedly observed a 27-year-old man drinking an alcoholic beverage in public. As officers approached the man to cite him for public drinking, he allegedly became combative. As an officer removed the container from the man's possession, he purportedly spat in the officer's face.

At that point, the policeman responded by aggressively slamming the man to the ground. The man's head hit the curbing with significant force. The man was placed under arrest and received medical care from a local hospital before being taken into custody. He was later charged and released on bail. A judge stated that spitting with force into an officer's face is considered a violent act and that the police were justified in responding, though the video images were described as disturbing.

Community activists have declared the officer's actions amount to police brutality. Relations between law enforcement and segments of the city's population have been further strained by this latest incident. The officer was relieved of duties while the victim's defense team argue that the man may have suffered brain injury from the force of the impact. Any time an interaction between Arizona officers and residents results in injuries to the resident, he or she may be uncertain as to how to pursue justice. An experienced attorney can provide guidance in helping victims obtain compensation for their documented damages.

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