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Medical malpractice: Fetal distress issues should not be ignored

During prenatal visits at an Arizona medical facility, an obstetrician and medical team typically checks a mother's vital signs and closely monitors her condition at each appointment to make sure she and her baby are safe and healthy. Certain issues may mean that mother or child are at risk for injury. Sadly, medical malpractice often causes injuries to mothers and/or their babies.

The tragedy of maternal or infant injury is intensified by the fact that most medical malpractice incidents are easily preventable. For instance, there are symptoms of fetal distress that the average obstetrician or midwife should recognize. Recognizing the signs and how to swiftly act to keep baby and mother as safe as possible is something most skilled and experienced OB teams know how to do. If someone fails in his or her duty, you or your child might wind up in distress.

Any number of problems can arise during labor and delivery to cause fetal distress. Postmaturity, meaning being pregnant longer than 40 weeks, increases the risk. If contractions are not coming often enough and are not strong enough to move a baby through the birth canal, problems can arise.

Fetal distress typically means a baby is not getting the oxygen he or she needs. Giving the mother oxygen or intravenous fluids might help, as well as having her lie on one side or the other. If a medical team fails in its duty to keep a mother or infant safe, there may be grounds for filing a medical malpractice claim in an Arizona civil court. This is often a means for obtaining financial recovery for one's losses from those deemed responsible for damages.

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