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GM products could trigger new auto product liability claims

General Motors has one of the top spots in this country for brand recognition. Many Arizona residents are loyal GM customers who value the brand's reputation and safety features. Recently, the company issued a recall for a potential defect that could lead to a serious crash. Those who have suffered injuries due to a defective vehicle component may have a basis for filing an auto product liability claim.

General Motors issued the recall for several models of its pickups and SUVs. The recall is to address a defective sensor in the braking system that could lead to unequal braking at higher speeds. According to the company, when the affected vehicles are in four-wheel drive or automatic mode, a faulty braking sensor could activate the brakes on the wheel opposite the failing sensor. Such braking could cause the vehicle to inadvertently pull to one side, potentially causing a crash.

The problem has only been triggered when the vehicle is in four-wheel drive and operating at between 41 to 60 mph. Until customers can have the vehicle repaired, GM recommends that affected vehicles are only driven in two-wheel drive mode. To date, there have apparently been no reports involving accidents that could be attributed to this defect. 

GM is recalling its SUVs and certain pickup trucks from between the years of 2015 and 2020. The GMC Yukon for those years is also included in the recall. There have been numerous reports of the problem causing unintended lateral movement and unintentional braking, as well as claims filed by GM shop and dealership managers which may have led to the current investigation and the recent recall. Arizona residents who have suffered injuries or sustained significant property losses due to a defective vehicle may seek just compensation for those documented damages through the successful navigation of an auto product liability claim through the civil justice system.

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