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Family alleges medical malpractice, other abuse over death of man

Every ailing person should be entitled to medical care, regardless of his or her particular circumstances. Unfortunately, there have been numerous allegations of inmates in Arizona and elsewhere not receiving appropriate medical care. One family recently filed a medical malpractice claim after an inmate died from a treatable infection.

According to the suit, shortly after a 40-year-old man was taken to a jail, he started to complain of symptoms of a urinary tract infection. After a few days, the man was crying and unable to stand without the aid of others. He was initially treated with pain relievers and steroid medications. The doctor who examined the man ordered a continuation of the treatment without conducting any follow-up tests or prescribing antibiotics. 

As the pain worsened, the man was purportedly punished for his inability to cope with the severe pain,  and was confined to a restraint chair and later taken to solitary confinement. At one point, other inmates were attempting to summon medical intervention based on his pleas for relief. When the man was found unresponsive on the floor of his cell, staff members purportedly attempted to revive him by placing him in the shower.

Emergency responders were called but were unable to successfully revive the patient. According to their incident report, the prison staff claimed that the man was not suffering from any known medical complaints. The man's family has filed the malpractice suit on the basis that their loved one was denied required treatment and was instead treated to ridicule over his illness and pain. The suit claims that the cause of death was a fatal kidney infection that resulted from an untreated urinary tract infection. Any time an Arizona resident suffers great harm from the actions or negligence of a medical provider, either the patient or the surviving family may have a basis for filing a medical malpractice claim in order to seek recovery of their damages. 

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