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November 2019 Archives

Busy roads may mean more auto accidents during the holidays

The holiday season has arrived, which means Arizona drivers will be sharing the roads with more people than at other times of the year. When the roads are busier, it naturally increases the chances for auto accidents, and a bad driver, increases those chances even more. Drivers may benefit by focusing on how to share the roads safely with others during the holiday season.

Family alleges medical malpractice, other abuse over death of man

Every ailing person should be entitled to medical care, regardless of his or her particular circumstances. Unfortunately, there have been numerous allegations of inmates in Arizona and elsewhere not receiving appropriate medical care. One family recently filed a medical malpractice claim after an inmate died from a treatable infection.

Prevention of birth injuries should remain a priority

Birth injuries are serious matters that parents hope they don't ever have to deal with, but they do happen. It is imperative that they understand what happened so they know what they need to do to address the situation. When the answer is that there was negligence or similar issues, you might choose to seek compensation for the damages you are dealing with.

Medical malpractice: Fetal distress issues should not be ignored

During prenatal visits at an Arizona medical facility, an obstetrician and medical team typically checks a mother's vital signs and closely monitors her condition at each appointment to make sure she and her baby are safe and healthy. Certain issues may mean that mother or child are at risk for injury. Sadly, medical malpractice often causes injuries to mothers and/or their babies.

GM products could trigger new auto product liability claims

General Motors has one of the top spots in this country for brand recognition. Many Arizona residents are loyal GM customers who value the brand's reputation and safety features. Recently, the company issued a recall for a potential defect that could lead to a serious crash. Those who have suffered injuries due to a defective vehicle component may have a basis for filing an auto product liability claim.

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