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VA criticized over serious multiple medical malpractice claims

A congressional hearing was recently held with officials from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to discuss several disturbing issues. There have been multiple reports of medical malpractice that have caused many veterans to suffer from serious health consequences, including several who have died due to inappropriate medical care. Arizona veterans who have suffered from poor health care may be interested to see how Congress plans to address this serious problem.

Over the past several months, there have been reports of veterans being subjected to eye surgery by a physician who was not qualified to perform cataract removal operations. Three patients are said to have died after a pathologist misdiagnosed their tissue samples. Reportedly, an estimated 3,000 other veterans were also victims of this provider's inability to accurately diagnose test results.

Along with these disturbing accounts, there have been other problems. A nurse allegedly stole pain medications from patients, and another employee has been accused of an undisclosed number of sexual assaults. One former patient of a VA nursing home was found deceased with countless ant bites all over his torso. In light of these and other allegations, congressional members addressed these matters with the VA Office of Inspector General as well as the Government Accountability Office. 

Officials with the VA denied that there are serious problems with the care that veterans receive at VA centers and that problematic staff members are dismissed. However, it was admitted that is is difficult to discern whether an individual will provide the accepted standard of care. Leaders of the VA committed to instituting changes in the near future to prevent medical malpractice and other abuses. There are also efforts to reform the laws that currently prohibit victims from suing the government over harm caused by malpractice. Arizona residents who have suffered greater harm from negligent or inappropriate care may benefit from consulting with an experienced attorney.

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