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Once in a blue moon, auto accidents may actually save lives

The idea of a car crash being a fortunate incident sounds like a ridiculous notion. In fact, these often tragic auto accidents cause innocent victims to suffer physical, emotional and financial difficulties from which they may never fully recover. However, for one family in Arizona, there is a future after a horrific crash spared their lives.

Cameras from the Arizona Department of Transportation recorded the moments when a speeding vehicle was bearing down on a family of three attempting to cross at a marked pedestrian crosswalk. As the two adults pushing a baby stroller started across the intersection, the driver of a large SUV failed to heed the red light signal. As his vehicle hurtled toward the three pedestrians, another vehicle proceeding through the crossroads collided forcefully with the first vehicle.

Cameras captured the moment of the collision, including how close the vehicles came to striking down the small group in the crosswalk. The pedestrians hurried safely to the other side. The 27-year-old female driver of the second car suffered injuries that were described as non-life-threatening. It is unclear whether the driver of the SUV suffered any injuries.

Police filed charges against the first driver for impaired driving as well as aggravated assault charges. The motorist is awaiting further proceedings in this case. Auto accidents are often tragic and senseless events. Though the small family in the crosswalk were spared by this ill-timed collision, the second driver may still face a long recovery from her undisclosed injuries. Those who are injured by the negligence of another party may choose to seek just compensation for their damages through a personal injury civil suit.

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