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New technology may assist victims of alleged police brutality

Police departments both here in Arizona and across the country, are slowly implementing the use of both dashboard cameras as well as body worn cameras to record interactions with the public. However, in several cases of alleged police brutality, these cameras were either not turned on or were otherwise not available. One inventor has developed a cellphone application that may provide peace of mind to those who install it on their electronic devices.

The app, RTC Protech, comes equipped with a GPS location service as well as the ability to record both video and audio. The app is being marketed to anyone who believes he or she may need the evidentiary support that this technology can supply. Along with the ability to record video and audio, the app can be voice activated and alerts can be sent to those who are listed as emergency contacts.

According to statistics compiled by an investigative report in 2015, approximately 102 people were killed as a result of interactions with law enforcement. An estimated 32% of these victims were of African-American race. Figures relating to the other victims were not released. The report indicated that none of the victims in the report were armed. 

This technology was developed in 2017 and will soon be available for both Apple and Android devices. In incidents involving possible police brutality, it is often beneficial to have other types of evidence in addition to any recordings captured by law enforcement. Arizona residents who have been victims of brutality -- or other law enforcement overreach -- often suffer emotionally and financially in addition to any physical injuries that may have been inflicted. There are legal avenues for victims to seek just compensation for the damages they have sustained from these unjust and unwarranted abuses of power.

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