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October 2019 Archives

VA criticized over serious multiple medical malpractice claims

A congressional hearing was recently held with officials from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to discuss several disturbing issues. There have been multiple reports of medical malpractice that have caused many veterans to suffer from serious health consequences, including several who have died due to inappropriate medical care. Arizona veterans who have suffered from poor health care may be interested to see how Congress plans to address this serious problem.

Once in a blue moon, auto accidents may actually save lives

The idea of a car crash being a fortunate incident sounds like a ridiculous notion. In fact, these often tragic auto accidents cause innocent victims to suffer physical, emotional and financial difficulties from which they may never fully recover. However, for one family in Arizona, there is a future after a horrific crash spared their lives.

Lawsuits hope to force change re commercial vehicle accidents

Recently, two civil lawsuits were filed against two tractor manufacturing companies. Their focus is on prompting manufacturers to include available safety systems as standard equipment on large trucks. Victims of commercial vehicle accidents in Arizona and across the country often incur significant financial losses.

New technology may assist victims of alleged police brutality

Police departments both here in Arizona and across the country, are slowly implementing the use of both dashboard cameras as well as body worn cameras to record interactions with the public. However, in several cases of alleged police brutality, these cameras were either not turned on or were otherwise not available. One inventor has developed a cellphone application that may provide peace of mind to those who install it on their electronic devices.

Study reveals "whys" and "whats" of commercial vehicle accidents

A three-year study focusing on the the reasons behind many of the tractor-trailer crashes in the country was recently published. It was a collaboration between an Arizona company and a digital information firm. According to the report, commercial vehicle accidents involving big rigs -- such as semis -- have accounted for an estimated 11,000 fatal wrecks between 2015 and 2017.

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