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Couple awarded $8.5 million in medical malpractice claim

The trust between a patient and medical provider is a crucial aspect of their relationship. In most cases, doctors are diligent about informing patients of a diagnosis and recommending treatment that will provide a cure or a longer life span. Unfortunately, when a medical provider fails to follow accepted medical standards, Arizona patients can often suffer greater harm and may have a basis for filing a medical malpractice claim.

A jury in another state recently awarded an estimated $8.5 million to a patient who purportedly was not informed of the presence of a potential tumor in his bladder. The man had sought medical care after experiencing pain in his abdominal area and difficulty with urination. A scan revealed the presence of several kidney stones and an image of a possible growth. The radiologist included notation of his findings in the patient's medical chart.

According to the lawsuit, neither the physician in charge of the man's care or an emergency room doctor mentioned the possible presence of a tumor to the man when it was first discovered in 2015. When the patient received a diagnosis of bladder cancer in 2017, he was forced to undergo surgery to remove the organ as well as his prostate. The man and his wife later filed the malpractice suit when it was determined that the cancer could have been treated earlier when first suspected in 2015.

A jury initially awarded the couple $10 million but lowered the awarded by stating that the patient could be held partially responsible for his outcome. The medical facility expressed relief that the patient is now free of the disease, but claimed that the facility provided optimal care at the time. The administration further stated that the compensation awarded was excessive but declined to state whether there would be an appeal. Anyone in Arizona who has suffered harm from substandard medical care may have grounds to seek just compensation through a medical malpractice civil lawsuit. 

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