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Latest vehicle recall: Will it lead to auto product liability?

The decision to purchase a new or used vehicle is one that requires much consideration. For many Arizona residents, several factors play a role in their decision-making process, including the safety and reliability of a particular model. When a consumer suffers either a serious injury or substantial monetary damages due to a defective vehicle, he or she may have a basis for filing an auto product liability civil suit.

Volkswagen is set to issue a recall that will include more than a half million vehicles. A large proportion of these cars are comprised of the 2011-2018 Jetta models. According to information provided to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the recall involves an issue with the sensors that detect whether a vehicle is in park. 

The automaker provided documentation to the NHTSA that states a build up of silicate material on the gear lever switch may lead to the sensors detecting that the vehicle has been placed in park. At that time, the key can be removed from the ignition, which is a safety measure built into nearly all vehicles. Unfortunately, when the key is removed when the car is not in park, there is the potential for the vehicle to begin moving, which can cause a serious accident. The repair will involve the disabling of the existing micro switch and the installation of a new switch outside of the gear box. A new circuit board will also be installed.

The recall will not be issued until early October. It is unknown whether the malfunction has resulted in any accidents or injuries. Consumers who have already paid for a repair involving this defect will be reimbursed by the automaker. Arizona residents who have been injured by this particular issue or any problem related to a defective automobile may have options for pursing just compensation. An experienced attorney can provide guidance seeking recovery of monetary losses via an auto product liability civil lawsuit.

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