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Jury awards record high verdict in medical malpractice suit

The birth of a child is typically one of the most anticipated and joyous events in a person's life. The dreams that parents have for their offspring are usually centered on the expectation that their baby will be born healthy and free of any disabilities. Sadly, child birth can go awry and a baby may suffer the lifelong consequences of negligent medical care. Arizona families who have been devastated by a birth injury may have a claim for medical malpractice.

Recently, a jury in one state came back with a record-setting verdict in a case involving a serious birth injury. According to the lawsuit, the expectant mother sought treatment for complications approximately 25 weeks into her pregnancy. Doctors diagnosed her with preeclampsia, which causes dangerously high blood pressure and can result in seizures and premature birth. 

The woman was transported to a larger medical facility where she was informed that her unborn child faced the possibility of death or brain injury. The suit stated that doctors did not encourage the mother to undergo a cesarean section, which may have prevented brain injury and additional trauma to the premature child. Instead, labor was induced and the baby was born two days later. In the moments after birth, the baby required oxygen and resuscitation efforts. 

The child, who is now 4 years old, is never expected to walk, requires nutrition through a feeding tube and will sadly not enjoy a normal quality of life. The suit alleged that the complications of a vaginal delivery were not explained to the mother and the jury concurred. The hospital is appealing the $229 million award. Patients and their families who have suffered serious harm from negligent care provided by an Arizona medical professional often sustain significant monetary losses. A successful medical malpractice suit may provide a means to ensure that ongoing medical care can be obtained and the burden of documented damages can be alleviated.

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