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July 2019 Archives

Questions abound over quiet dismissal of police brutality case

In moments of crisis, it is customary to summon police officers for assistance. Unfortunately, sometimes the police respond in a manner that is out of proportion to the circumstances. Arizona residents who have been victims of overzealous law enforcement actions may have a basis for filing a police brutality claim.

Claiming that a car was not effective at reducing injury

All cars should be designed effectively enough to protect passengers in the event of a collision. For obvious reasons, some cars are better at doing this than others: Cars designed for families might have more sophisticated safety technology than a budget car, for example. Despite this, all cars must be sufficiently safe to protect passengers in the event of a collision.

Ford customers file multiple claims over auto product liability

In 2009, as the country was in the throes of a major economic recession, carmakers were required to improve fuel mileage. In response, Ford Motor Company produced two models that touted fuel economy in an affordable car. However, these models have been plagued with transmission problems that have placed customers in Arizona and elsewhere in potentially dangerous situations and have been the subject of several auto product liability lawsuits.

Jury awards record high verdict in medical malpractice suit

The birth of a child is typically one of the most anticipated and joyous events in a person's life. The dreams that parents have for their offspring are usually centered on the expectation that their baby will be born healthy and free of any disabilities. Sadly, child birth can go awry and a baby may suffer the lifelong consequences of negligent medical care. Arizona families who have been devastated by a birth injury may have a claim for medical malpractice.

Auto accidents can happen at any time and cause irreparable harm

As families rush around to complete their everyday errands and activities, little time is usually spent contemplating the possibility of a tragic event. Unfortunately, auto accidents can happen at any time of day and can cause families to suffer irreparable harm. A recent car crash in Arizona sent several children and adults to medical centers for treatment of serious injuries.

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